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KQ crew throw surprise birthday bash for 93-year-old passenger at 39,000ft

A Kenya Airways pilot was on Wednesday gifted a brooch by a 93-year-old passenger when he organised a surprise birthday for her at 39000ft.

Captain Moses Karanja said he met the lady while welcoming passengers on board and as she was being helped onto the plane she mentioned that it was her 93rd birthday.

“When we got to cruise I proceeded to make my PA announcements. I acknowledged her and wished her a happy birthday. I also told the passengers that the crew and myself will be singing happy birthday to her later in the flight,” Captain Karanja said.

The brooch that captain Moses Karanja received from a 93-year-old passenger for a
The brooch that captain Moses Karanja received from a 93-year-old passenger for a

An hour before landing the Captain made the procedural announcement welcoming passengers to Nairobi and added that the crew will be singing happy birthday to the 93-year-old.


All crew members, except the co-pilot and other two crew members who had to man their stations, went into the cabin where the passenger was seated and sang happy birthday.

They had put together a cake for her using the dessert selections that were available on board and as they sang other passengers on board joined in.

“There was a middle-aged gentleman who came rushing in and announced that it was also his birthday. He wanted the old lady to bless him. He bowed down and she laid her hands on him. It was an extremely touching scene,” the Captain narrated.

Once the plane had landed and the passengers were disembarking, the birthday lady thanked the crew and went ahead to remove her brooch and pinned it on the Captain’s shirt.