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Another KQ plane to Johannesburg returns mid air

Kenya Airways has had a second plane returned midair in a week  due to a technical hitch.

The  Johannesburg bound flight that left Jomo Kenyatta at 7.40am made the about-turn midair causing a three-hour delay.

The airline confirmed that the aircraft, a Boeing 737-800 had a technical hitch forcing the pilot return after takeoff for repairs.


The incident come just a week after another Nairobi bound flight from Johannesburg was forced to return midair and later land at Mombasa causing hours of delay for customers.

“KQ Flight 760 to Johannesburg has already departed. The aircraft a B-737-800 developed a technical hitch that was not safety related.  It was a noise in the cabin caused by a seal that wasn’t working properly and would have caused discomfort to our guests for the four hour flight. The Captain opted to return to JKIA to have it fixed,” KQ said in a statement.


The airline also confirmed that the hitch was addressed and the aircraft that was originally scheduled to leave JKIA at 7.40am left 10:30am.

Last week, the return of an already air bound plane to Oliver Tambo International Airport led to the crew having fatigue having reached their Flight Time limitation hence the plane had to land in Mombasa instead of Nairobi.