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KQ suspends more flights due to Coronavirus outbreak

By Amina Wako March 14th, 2020 1 min read

Kenya Airways on Saturday suspended flights on its Malindi route in response to developments following the confirmation of the country’s first Coronavirus patient.

The suspension will take effect from Monday March 16 until further notice, this is according to a statement by the national carrier.

Other flights that have been suspended by KQ include flights on the Rome- Genera route that took effect from March 13 and will last up to April 30.

One of the airline’s flights to Mumbai in India KQ210/1 will also be suspended effective March 17 to April 15.

According to the statement by KQ, flight KQ204/5 that flies to Mumbai will be upgraded to the Boeing 787 Dreamliner effective 17th March 2020 to 15th April 2020.

“The situation remains dynamic and we will provide regular updates where necessary. In the meantime, all our other flights are unaffected by these adjustments and continue to operate normally, ” read part of the statement.

The national airline further said it will rebook all affected customers and those who cancel their flights will get a refund.

“For all our customers who have been affected by the suspension, we will re-book them on alternative flights, extend a full refund to those who would like to cancel their travel or waive booking fees for those willing to reschedule their flights with us to a later date,” the statement further read.