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KRA disowns whistle blower reward that promises to make you a millionaire

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has warned the public against a fake Facebook account that is spreading false information about the tax collector.

The fake account, by the name KENYA Revenue Authority, promises to turn whistle blowers into overnight millionaires for tips on cases of tax fraud or tax evasion.

It claimed the monetary reward is part of KRA’s reward scheme. The reward includes, whichever is less, 5 percent of the taxes or duties so recovered or Sh2 million.

“Report any fraud and get paid with our KRA reward scheme and probably be a millionaire. Share it on our inbox with your full details and contacts. KRA has a reward scheme for informants that successfully report a case of tax fraud or tax evasion. The reward includes whichever is less of 5 percent of the taxes or duties so recovered or sh2million,” read the post.

However KRA have disowned the information carried in the fake account.

“Please be informed that KENYA Revenue Authority Facebook page is fake. The official page is”