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KRA staff in tax fraud case appear in court all clad in hoodies, sunglasses – VIDEO

Thirty-eight employees of the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) who are facing tax fraud charges made a startling appearance in court on Monday all dressed up in hoodies, scarfs and dark glasses.

The staff were among the 41 arrested on Friday for allegedly colluding with certain taxpayers in a criminal enterprise to evade payment of taxes and or reduce tax liability.

The accused did not take a plea. Instead, the police were allowed to hold them for another 14 days as they continue with their investigations.

Appearing before the Resident Magistrate Paul Mayova, the accused persons entered the courtroom in their rather strange dressing.


All through the court proceeding, they avoided the cameras as they held their heads down in an effort to hide their identities.

But with their pictures all over social media, Kenyans have come out to question what informed their choice of dressing.

During NTV’s AM Live on Tuesday morning, Rarieda Member of Parliament Otiende Amollo said the KRA employees looked like mercenaries in hoods and sunglasses in court.

“I don’t know whoever advised anybody who was charged that the best way to camouflage yourself so that no one will ever know you were taken to court is to put these hoodies and tie scarfs and wear sunglasses. If anybody wants to know if you are charged, they will know, your image notwithstanding,” Amollo said.

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