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KRG addresses paternity of his alleged teenage daughter

Entrepreneur and renowned recording artiste KRG the Don has finally broken his silence about recent claims that he fathered a daughter out of wedlock and neglected the child for several years. 

In a recent interview with a popular YouTube content creator, KRG shed light on the matter.

The Mambo Imechemka hitmaker expressed his commitment to finding out the truth, emphasizing that if the teenage girl was indeed his daughter, he would wholeheartedly welcome her into his family.

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“Kama mtoto ni wangu ya ukweli, nitaomba msamaha mbele ya kila mtu and I will take full responsibility as the father,” said KRG.

Should the DNA test confirm his paternity, KRG vowed to celebrate the young girl and make up for the years she had endured without him.

“If she is truly mine… we will hold a grand celebration to honour her and acknowledge the suffering she has experienced. Itabidi tumfanyie sherehe kubwa ya kumkaribisha kwa familia,” he said.

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But should the DNA results proved otherwise, KRG said he would not pursue any legal actions and would continue to support the young girl regardless.

The rapper’s response comes a few days after a woman accused him of neglecting her and their daughter. The woman claimed that KRG had been her first boyfriend, and that they had even agreed to name their daughter Margaret, in honour of KRG’s mother.

The women also shared her struggles of single-handedly raising their child. The claims sparked widespread interest among KRG’s fans.