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KRG The Don taunts Kenyans complaining about high cost of living

Controversial musician KRG The Don has taken a swipe at Kenyans who incessantly complain about the high cost of living, urging them to embrace resilience and seek solutions rather than wallowing in constant lamentation.

The artist, widely known for hits like “Mambo Imechemka,” called out those who engage in perpetual complaints about the country’s situation and advised them to acquire wisdom on navigating through challenging times.

KRG emphasized that Kenyans should rise above a mentality of perpetual begging and instead devise strategies to endure hardships.

In his candid words, KRG stated:

“There is nothing we can do. We just have to survive with pepper and lemon. We can’t keep crying. Till when will we cry? Even our tears are dried up. Kenyans, since when did we become beggars? I want to know since when did Kenyans become online beggars. I want to understand why you went to school? Why were you taught to solve your problems? Why did your parents give birth to you? They should have produced bread so others can eat.”

The musician expressed his frustration with the prevalent culture of complaining and emphasized the need for individuals to adapt to their financial situations.

“I hate it when everyone is crying and complaining, yet they can adjust to what meets their budget. My family cannot be proud of me if all I do is complain about my predicaments. That’s why I make changes when things happen,” KRG added.

KRG The Don has never been shy about showcasing his luxurious lifestyle to the public, often sharing glimpses of his wealth on social media.

With his posts attracting a mixed reactions from his fans, with some expressing envy while others accused him of involvement in money laundering.

In an interview with Nairobi News, KRG The Don defended his show of wealth, stating that it is a common practice among artists to display their affluence as part of their branding.

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