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KRG The Don teases collaboration with Davido following Nairobi show

Musician Karuga Kimani, popularly known as KRG The Don, has sparked excitement among fans after hinting at a potential collaboration with Nigerian superstar Davido in his upcoming project.

Davido’s recent visit to Kenya, where he headlined the much-anticipated Raha Fest at Uhuru Gardens in Nairobi, set the stage for a possible musical collaboration between the two artists.

As hundreds of fans gathered to witness Davido’s electrifying performance on the festival’s opening day, KRG The Don took the opportunity to introduce his family to the Nigerian star.

Photos and videos shared on social media captured moments of camaraderie between the artists as they spent time together after Davido’s dynamic show.

In one of his social media posts, KRG The Don shared a caption alongside a photo of the encounter, citing a biblical verse: “Jeremiah 29:13 You will find me when you seek me with your heart.”

Further emphasising the significance of the meeting, KRG The Don posted a video introducing his three children and sibling to Davido, who posed for photos with them.

“I have become close to people that I never imagined knowing.. and lost people who I thought would have been there for me forever,” explained the Kenyan musician in his caption.

Amidst the excitement, he teased fans with the prospect of a collaboration with Davido in an upcoming music project.

Although details remain scarce, he expressed confidence in his abilities, stating;

“If you knew how many times I’ve been told I can’t, Only to prove I can, you’d get why I have faith in myself. Bughaa na Davido soon we cooking something spicy for my people.”

KRG The Don, known for his urban tone and dynamic style, is set to release an album in 2024.

He also released a collaboration with Jamaican star Konshens, dubbed ‘Time Bomb’.

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