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Why KTN actor was stripped to undies in Nyayo estate – PHOTOS

A teenage actor who features in a KTN television show was on Tuesday roughed up and humiliated by security guards for what was initially thought to have been an attempt to break into a house at Nyayo Estate in Nairobi.

But according to responses to a Facebook post by Nyayo Embakasi Residents Association (Nera) Chairman, Robert Alai, the teenager might have been sneaking to see a young lady.

The teenager is an actor in the children’s programme, Junior, which airs on KTN every Sunday evening.

The pictures  – which have since gone viral  – capture how the young actor was pinned on the ground by security guards who then dragged him away after stripping him to his underpants.

The sight of a minor being roughed up by security drew mixed reactions on Facebook moments after Mr Alai had posted the pictures.


Titus Mungai wondered if Mr Alai could prove that the young actor was actually stealing.

“Alai how well are you informed that he was trying to steal, we know you love gossiping like wamama Wa Ploti …”

Ramah Shaaban simply thought the boy was going to see a girl.

“The boy was not ‘breaking in’ to steal, we all know he isn’t a thief, there was a ka teenage girl around, so stop playing iecb politics with such a sad issue of the boy being manhandled, Huyo watchman na Huyo house boy hawana akili, stupid rascals.”

Judith Odera had qualms with the way the minor was handled by the security guards.

“Is he 18? if not handle him like a minor. Yes he did wrong and should be punished, but that is not how you treat a minor….am a mother and this is not right. I had so much respect for you Robert Alai Onyango until u posted this.”

“Alai this is uncalled for, I understand you are the Chairman of the estate welfare. Are you happy with the way the minor was handled?? Where is the exhibit, where are the so called “residents” who normally in such a case are the complainants. The boy has rights as much as he was “allegedly” caught stealing “air”, wrote Cde Maina Lukoye.