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Kulosa hitmaker Oxlade to pay Sh 1.5m for leaking naughty video

By Winnie Mabel February 5th, 2023 2 min read

Nigerian media on February 4, 2023, reported that superstar singer Oxlade, born Ikuforijimi Olaitan Abdulrahman, was ordered to pay a woman Sh 1,354,984 (N5 million)  after he had carnal relations with and later leaked their bedroom video on social media platform Snapchat  without her knowledge.

This naughty video was leaked in February 2022 and went viral globally. The woman in the video had no idea that their relations were being recorded at the time of the relations; and her consent was not sought prior to the video leaking online.

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Following this leak, Oxlade apologized to his fans and the woman due to the increasing public outrage directed at him.

A lawsuit was then filed in March 15, 2022, by John Blessing who sought N20 million (Sh 5,419,792) in damages for the victim.

Over the following months, the case was heard in court trials until January 24, 2023, when the judge finally ruled over the matter. The ruling shredded Oxlade apart for “failing to appear in court due to his celebrity status.. and his classless behavior.”

The Document Woman, a Nigerian publication, reported that the judge, “called the singer’s actions of surreptitiously filming explicit sex with a woman and then leaking it as “despicable, horrendous, distasteful, and classless.”

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“The action and attitude of the Respondent (Oxlade), who is said to be a celebrity, is despicable, horrendous, distasteful and classless.

The Respondent is admonished strongly to act with utmost circumspection in his relationship with fellow humans, especially the opposite sex.

What goes around comes around. I need not say more. The Respondent failed to appear in this court and the only reason given for the respondent’s absence by his former counsel was the celebrity status of the respondent which to my mind cannot be equated to that of many notable celebrity artistes in this country who have comported themselves well respectably both within and outside of this country,” the judge reportedly said during his ruling.

Despite the court ruling, the judge was also quoted saying the court would have awarded a far greater sum than the N5 million but did not expound further on this. The female victim was also prevented from taking Oxlade to court again over the same matter or discussing the case in public.

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