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Kush Tracey opens up about self-discovery and mistakes

Kenyan media personality Kush Tracey has in a heartfelt video shared on her TikTok page, bared her soul, offering profound insights into self-worth and personal growth.

With candor and vulnerability, the former rapper shared her two cents on the significance of the people we allow into our lives and the impact they have on our self-perception.

“The people you allow in your life are a reflection of how you see yourself,” Kush Tracey began. “They are a reflection of how you perceive yourself, and how you value yourself.”

Drawing from her own journey, she touched on the common tendency to base our self-worth on circumstances, backgrounds, challenges, and mistakes. “Sometimes we place our values based off our circumstances, from our backgrounds, challenges, and mistakes so we lower our value believing that based on my circumstance, I should not value myself more than this.”

In a pivotal moment of self-realization, Kush Tracey shared, “But I want to assure you, you are of great value. I did not know who I am and whose I am,” she admitted.

The media personality went on to express gratitude for the mistakes she’s made along the way. “I am grateful for the mistakes because inspite of all of that God has been using me to change a generation and to impact lives,” she declared with conviction.

Last year, the former TV presenter opened up about her extensive and expensive battle with skin bleaching.

The startling revelation exposed a journey that cost her more than Sh1.6 million and involved experimenting with injections, pills, powders, and a myriad of other methods.

Tracey, in a candid interview with Massawe Japanni, shared the pivotal moment that led her down this path, recounting how she once spent Sh40,000 on a bleaching package, only to have it stolen from her car while she was out with friends. Undeterred, she bought the package again and resumed her quest for lighter skin.

“I bought a package worth 40K after I left it in the car and went to the club with my friends. I had left the package in the car when it was broken into. I went back bought again and started bleaching again,” said the rapper.

The toll on her physical well-being became apparent as she spoke about experiencing varicose veins and avoiding sun exposure because her skin felt as delicate as paper.

The turning point in Tracey’s story came when she questioned the motives behind her actions. Realizing that she was chasing an idealized standard of beauty that wasn’t aligned with her true self, she made a conscious decision to stop bleaching. After six months of injections, she transitioned to using natural oils, signaling a shift towards embracing her natural beauty.

The financial cost of this transformative journey was staggering, with Tracey disclosing that she spent Sh45,000 per month for three years, totaling over Sh1.6 million.