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Kutuma fare chronicles

Ladies in Nairobi have shared their experiences of dating ‘cheeky men’.

In a number of ‘scandals’ highlighted on social media, the ladies accuse men of promising to refund transport money only to fail to keep their word.

Other men are accused of conspiring to leave the venue of a date without clearing the bill for meals.

But in their defence, men say women have abused the kutuma fare courtesy accorded to them by receiving the cash but failing to turn up for the date.

“Tuma fare” is a common phrase used by ladies to solicit money from men who invite them out on a date. The money is reportedly used for transport.

This is what Nairobi women had to say.

“Siwezi toka kwangu bila fare (I cannot leave my home for a date without transport),” said one online user.

“Na hivi ndio wengine tuliwaacha (These scandals led to us dumping some of these men),” wrote another online user.

“Kuna watu bado ucheza hio mchezo (Some men still play this game)??have never liked it.. In fact Kama sina fare ya kufika maali na kurudi (If I do not have money  I’d rather stay indoors..naeza kosa kutoka.i like going somewhere Kama nimejipanga,” stated one online user.

“Have some little money for yourself,” advised one online user.

“Waah happened twice tukiwa colle (when I was in college),” shared one online user.

“I can relate decades ago,” said another online user.

“I can imagine stranded somewhere….no place to go… I simply become a chokora(street kid),” said one online user.

“Me I once went nilikuwa tuh na fare ?? nikaambiwa nichukue any drink mimi naye ni Nani mzinga ya 1200 nikakunywa ikaisha, nyoka mjane akakosa kukam????,” commented another online user.