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Kwani jana kuliendaje? How one woman lost her Toyota Noah after crazy sherehe weekend

If she’d lost a Daihatsu or an Alto, also known as gari kadudu, I probably would have helped her shrug off misplacing and forever losing the vehicle…but a Toyota Noah? You have got to be collectively kidding all of us!

One Kenyan woman by the name Cathy Mutuku has narrated on Twitter how she and a group of friends lost a Toyota Noah after club hopping in Mombasa and never locating it to date.

Peep this is one wild story…

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“So yesterday when I posted that I have been sober for 8 years someone asked me what’s one thing you regret doing while drunk. Around 2014 during Easter holiday, one of my friends had a Noah, we fueled the car and off to Mombasa for the weekend. We were staying in some apartments in Nyali so in the evening we decide to go to Mombasa town for a few bottles. We left the bar around 3 or 4 in the morning. We went back to our apartment walking and forgot we had a car; arrived safely very drunk and everyone fell asleep, that day no one woke up and nothing about the car (came up so we) forgot everything,” Ms Mutuku recounted.

And like many team sherehe subscribers, it had to be food that roused them up from their drunken stupors before they realized that they felt about Sh 1.8 million lighter but they couldn’t bring themselves to quickly figure out where this money was chilling out!

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“After one day we are hungry sober my friend walks down stairs to pick something from the car only to find it’s missing, she comes up shouting who left with her car yet she had the car keys. No one had left, we are all in. We get to the reception they tell us that car has not been in the parking since we left with it, we came walking. We are in Mombasa, do we even remember we’re we went? How many clubs we visited? Tthe last place we went? No, we can’t even explain.

“We get back in our apartment, get breakfast (how on earth did they have the patience to stomach food when an entire vehicle that could be converted into a bed sitter was missing?) and quickly get out with a taxi to help us find the clubs in Mombasa where we could have left the car. We could not find it so we had to (go to the) police.

“We had to get a name of one of the clubs we visited to use it at the police station so the taxi guy helps and the waiter said she remembers us so we stick with this was the place. Do they have cameras? No. We leave the police to track (but)wapi, nowhere to be seen. Board a bus back to Nairob, no one is talking, just looking at each other like suspects and when we got back I took the bold step on my own to say no to alcohol. We have never recovered the car up to date.”

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It is absolutely astounding how they “boarded a bus back to Nairobi” without putting much more effort into finding this vehicle. A mom of six would have beaten them proper in finding it because this is a lifeline vehicle for her.

Did Ms Mutuku and her friends not have cell phones to allow police and telecommunication companies to trace their whereabouts via cell towers? No photos from the sherehe weekend to identify locations? No mobile money transactions?

I mean, how smooth was this alcohol? Are we all just doing okay after reading this that an entire Noah is Mombasa raha-ing somewhere in the coast and we’re here negotiating with the onset of Njaanuary? How?

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