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KWS cautions visitors, says parts of Amboseli National Park is inaccessible

The Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) has issued an alert to would be visitors to some of the national parks in the country.

On Wednesday, KWS said that following the continuing heavy rains countrywide, some of their national parks’ roads have been adversely affected.

They singled out Amboseli National Park where they said the park’s Kimana Gate is periodically flooded and inaccessible as are some parts of the park.

“All visitors to Amboseli National Park are advised to seek guidance about the status of the roads via the park’s hotline number 0716493335. Updates on road conditions in other major parks will be shared soon,” said KWS.

Over the past three months, most parts of Kenya have received heavy rainfall that has left more than 132 people dead and thousands displaced.

Floods, lightning strikes and landslides have been witnessed in various parts of the country, leaving behind a trail of destruction.

The Meteorological Department of Kenya, in its weekly and monthly forecasts, has predicted that the downpour will persist until the end of the month, with intermittent episodes of heavy and light rainfall in the next three weeks.

In the month of October, no Kenyan county recorded less than 75 per cent of their October long-term average.

As this is usually the short rain season, the heavy rains come as a puzzle to many.