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KWS gives six lionesses contraceptives, Kenyans are not amused

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) on Thursday announced that it had conducted a birth control exercise on lionesses. According to KWS this would prevent them from conceiving for at least one year.

However, the post on twitter was not received well by Kenyans who opposed the move given the dwindling population of lions in the country.

According to the wildlife service, a hormonal contraceptive implant will be inserted into six lionesses.

KWS said the decision to insert the implants was necessary to reduce the rate of predation by the lions on endangered species at the Lewa Conservancy.

“The lion reigns supreme on the food chain. To maintain this balance KWS, vet Dr M. Mutinda deployed a hormonal contraceptive implant (prevent conception for a year) in an immobilized five year old lioness. Six lionesses will be implanted to reduce the predation of endangered species,” tweeted KWS.

However, Kenyans raised concern that the move would significantly reduce the number of lions hence interfering with the laws of nature.

Here are a sample of their sentiments: