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Labour CS Florence Bore explains Karen house dispute

Labour and Social Protection Cabinet Secretary Ms Florence Bore has explained why she had to seek the help of the police over a tussle of acquiring of a posh-house in Karen, Nairobi County.

Ms Bore has been accused by Ms Maria Muriu, the wife of Gatanga Member of Parliament Edward Muriu, of forcefully taking the ownership of the premises before they could officially agree on the total amount she was to pay.

The CS has opened up and said she sought the help of police in stopping Mr Muriu and his family from occupying the house.

She said that the lawmaker’s family took advantage of the fact that she had travelled out of the country and decided to evict her children from the house.

“They were accompanied by armed goons necessitating the need for police presence in the premises. For a colleague in leadership to take advantage of my absence from the country to run a hate campaign instead of waiting to engage me upon return is not only queer but baffling,” Ms Bore said.

According to her, the Muriu’s had decided to engage in unnecessary drama at a time she was not in the country and they could instead wait for her so as they iron their issues out.

She wondered why what was a purely private engagement between the two parties had been turned into a public issue.

The CS now accuses the media of reporting the matter without seeking her comment saying that the agreement had sailed through and lawyers of both parties involved.

“I entered into an agreement to purchase the property at a negotiated and agreed purchase price. Resultantly, I signed my part of the agreement for sale and transmitted the agreement through my lawyers to the vendor’s lawyers for signing on their part. Their lawyers, Muriu Mungai & Company (MMC Asafo), acknowledged receipt of the signed agreement for sale by stamping on the forwarding letter by my Advocates,” Ms Bore said in a statement, adding that the media pitch was therefore unwarranted and ancillary to the transaction.

She said that as per to their agreement, she sourced a 10 percent deposit from her Sacco which she paid directly to Ms Muriu’s lawyers.

According to her, their agreement was that the completion period of the transaction should be 90 days from the day she signed the documents.

Ms Bore explained that they even agreed that she takes occupation of the house as she embarks to seek a mortgage facility for the balance.

The CS said that she was sure that she would have paid the agreed amount in the timelines which are penned in the agreement.

On Saturday, local media reported of the tussle between the two parties with Ms Muriu accusing the CS of squatting in their house.

Mr Muriu in a Twitter post accused the CS of illegally occupying their house as she had not been given the nod to do so.

“For (the) record, The CS Who illegally broke into and Occupied Our Family House, in Amara Ridge, Karen, sent a contingent of over 100 Police officers who Brutally assaulted my workers is none other than @CS Florence Chepngetich Bore. CS Labour and Social Protection,” the Twitter post read.

On Friday, June 16, 2023, drama was witnessed at the palatial home after Mr Peter Kariuki, a contractor who was hired to do some works on the house was attacked by police officers attached to Hardy Police Station.

It is then that Mr Muriu’s family gave an explanation that the CS had said she would pay Sh90 million but that was not enough as the house was going for Sh120 million.

Subsequently, Maria travelled to the United States for her daughter’s graduation, and upon her return, she discovered the property had been occupied.

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