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Ladies come out as ‘Charlie’s Angels’ premieres at Anga Diamond

By Hilary Kimuyu November 18th, 2019 1 min read

From the opening shot of the new Charlie’s Angels movie it’s abundantly clear that this movie made the conscious decision to be from the point of view of the female gaze.

The film is a continuation of the early 2000s movie and tells the story of three women coming together to protect each other, and forming an unshakable bond along the way.


The movie follows two members of the Townsend Agency who don’t quite get along, Jane (Ella Balinska) and Sabina (Stewart), as they team-up on a job to protect Elena (Naomi Scott).

Charlie’s Angels have always provided security and investigative skills to private clients, and now the Townsend Agency has expanded internationally, with the smartest, most fearless, most highly trained women all over the globe!

On Thursday, KenyaBuzz and Fox Film Distributors Ltd held an exclusive screening of the film in honour of high performing executive ladies-including the amazing Top 40 under 40 women at Anga Diamond theatre in Parklands.

It was a night of glamour and all around good vibes. The powerful feminine energy that was exuded was invigorating. The invited ladies and their friends showed up and showed out.


As such, fans of female-led films or action movies in general would do well with checking out Charlie’s Angels. It’s the perfectly fast-paced popcorn movie for those wanting an exciting excursion at the theater.

This is partly because Charlie’s Angels 2019 is squarely aimed at teenage girls. While it does little to escape the convoluted plot twists of the previous films and lacks memorable action set pieces, its unconventional female ensemble channels a bright empowering energy.

The target audience of this movie should be satisfied.