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Ladies, eight clear signs that he isn’t in love with you

Sometimes the men we love are not the men who love us. Unrequited love can be painful. The good news is that instead of wasting months or years pinning after a man who isn’t in love with you, there are giveaway signs he isn’t into you. Here is a look into some of them;

1. You are searching for the signs – The most glaring sign that the man you love doesn’t love you back is when you find yourself searching for signs that he does love you. If a man is in love with you, you will not need to look for evidence of the same.

2. He doesn’t accommodate your family or friends – Does the man you are in a relationship with suddenly become too busy when there is a function that involves your relatives or when you ask him to take you for lunch at your folks? He might not be in love with you.

3. He neglects you – When a man is in love with a woman, then he gives her affection as well as his time. If you are in a relationship with a man who you barely see, now, that might be the time to run. Even a busy man will create some time for the women he loves.

4. He isn’t consistent – You shouldn’t believe that a man is in love with you just because he says so. His words should be consistent with his actions. If he says one thing and then does the other, he is lying.

5. He is still chasing – A man in love with a woman never stops chasing her. If you are the one that always calls or texts, if you are the one doing all the work in a relationship, chances are that he isn’t in love with you.

6. You are a secret – Is your relationship a secret? Yes? That man isn’t in love with you. A man in love owns his choices no matter the consequences.

7. He doesn’t support your dreams – When you are planning a future with someone, their dreams become your dreams and their successes, your success. If you observe that the man you are in a relationship with doesn’t support your dreams, chances are he isn’t in love with you.

8. The little things don’t matter – Remember the little things that annoyed him at the start of your relationship? If he is indifferent to them now, chances are he has no plan of sticking around much longer.