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Ladies, eight husband favours you must stop giving your boyfriends

They say that you are not a wife until you are wife. It means that you do not play wife until you have been walked down the aisle.

I am sure that every woman in Nairobi has heard this, but still they continue doing things for their boyfriends which they should reserve only for their husbands.

Here’s a look into some of those things that women need to stop doing;

1. Having babies – If you are an independent woman who feels that it is time for you to have children then by all means, have them. Children are a big commitment and having them completely alters the course of your life. The decision to have children should never be influenced by a man who is not your husband. No matter the reasons he gives you.

2. Playing house – So you are always over at his house cooking and cleaning after him and yet he has shown no interest in putting a ring on it, you need to stop! You do not need to clean up after him to prove to him that you are wife material.

3. Sacrificing your friends – Woman often make the mistake of replacing old friendship with a new romance. The problem with this is that if this new relationship doesn’t work out, she will have lost valuable friendships. Don’t neglect your friends for a man who hasn’t put a ring on it.

4. Merging finances – Letting a man who has not made a long term commitment to you to know exactly what is on your paycheck and in your account is a recipe for disaster. Merging finances should be left to couples who are building a life together. Do not share a bank account with someone you are not sure is sticking around.

5. Letting him introduce you as wife – A boyfriend has the privilege of taking you out on dates so as to get to know you better. This does not mean spending every waking moment with him. Neither does it entail him introducing you to friends or strangers as his wife. That privilege is earned. And his doing so ruins your chances at a romance should the relationship not work out.

6. Organizing his life – If you know your boyfriend’s schedule like the back of your hand, organize his free time for him and shop for all his clothes, you need to stop.

7. Submitting to him- Submission is a woman’s role – in marriage. You have no business submitting to all men that you date. This does not mean that you be disrespectful. You should however only reserve the submission that a woman gives a man she loves only for marriage.

8. Sex – Yes, I have said it. Sex is a privilege that should be preserved for the man who says ‘I do’ to you. Sadly, women continue having sex with boyfriends for the wrong reasons.

Sex will not make a man love you better, it will not strengthen your relationship, it will not make him see your worth and it will not make him walk you down the aisle.