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Sex Tips: Eight myths about shapes and sizes debunked

If you are an adult male or female, then you have heard countless things about the female genital anatomy.

While some of them may be true, others are complete hogwash.

Below, we separate the myths and facts about the vagina.

1. Abstaining will make your vagina tight – Well, this is a myth. The truth is that vaginal walls are elastic and will expand to accommodate things. The vaginal walls are made up of a muscular tube which tones up when exercised.

Sex is one form of exercise. Regular sex will tone up the vaginal walls. Abstinence on the other hand does not make these muscles any tighter.

2. The smaller the woman myth – This is another popular belief that is untrue. It is easy to imagine that a small bodied women is small even down there. But this isn’t the case.

The vagina is an elastic tube whose size is not determined by the size of the woman.

3. Healthy vaginas do not have a scent – Well, wrong. All vaginas do have a scent which varies depending on the hormonal fluctuations that come with a woman’s cycle. The secret is for a woman to know what scent is normal for her and what isn’t.

4. Things can get lost up there – There is always that worry that a woman might lose a tampon or a garlic clove up in her vagina. This is a myth.

The truth is that the vagina is sealed off from the other parts of the body. In the event that anything is lodged up there, it can easily be removed by a medical health practitioner using a pair of forceps.

5. It needs exercise – Just like the rest of your body needs to be exercised to stay in tip top condition, so does your vagina. A woman should make kegel exercises her friend. These are done by clamping down as if you are holding urine and holding for 10 seconds.

In addition to making sex more pleasurable, kegels make it easier for a woman to orgasm.

6. Getting back into shape after childbirth – A common worry for many women is that things will never be the same gain in the bedroom following childbirth. The truth is that the vagina expands during childbirth and snaps right back into position.

Six months after a vaginal delivery, it ought to be good as new. With age and multiple births though, the vagina will lose some of its elasticity.

7. It can tell you the best time to conceive – The vagina can be the best lead for that woman who is trying to conceive. This is because the amount and consistency of vaginal secretions change throughout a woman’s cycle. A woman is more likely to conceive when her vaginal secretion is clear, slippery and stretchy.

8. It is self-cleansing – This is true, the vagina is equipped with mechanisms to maintain a balance of yeast and bacteria to keep it healthy. Some of the washes and soaps that woman use to wash their lady parts may do more harm than good.