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Ladies, eight reasons why he can’t rise to the occasion

When a previously normal man suddenly can’t get it up, a woman automatically assumes that he is cheating.

The truth however is that there is a horde of other surprising things that can lead to non-performance from a man.

Here’s a look into some of them.

1. He could be on steroids – These are popular with the body building types. In the short term, steroids might have positive results as they increase the hormone testosterone which is responsible for a man’s virility in the body.

When used in the long term though, they inhibit the body’s natural production of the hormone leading to erectile dysfunction.

2. His job – If your man works in an environment that is prone to stress and anxiety, do not be surprised if he can’t rise to the occasion. Stress and anxiety affects the nervous system through which erections are triggered.

3. The night life – If your man is into the night life, chances are that he smokes or drinks. These two behaviors are serious causes of erectile dysfunction. Men working in stressful environment are also likely to resort to smoking or alcohol to de-stress.

4. He is a rider – Too much bike riding by a man can be a downer on a man’s part. Biking which involves sitting on a hard, narrow seat has been associated with damaged blood vessels in the nether regions.

This usually results in reduced sensation. It can be fixed by a man scaling down the amount of time that he is out on a bike.

5. He has a gum disease – Previous research has linked gum diseases to erectile dysfunction. This is because gum disease is a general indication of general poor health as well as a poor diet.

You can start fixing this by improving your diet, the more natural it is the better. Next, have a medical practitioner look into other underlying health issues.

6. He is trying too hard – Sometimes, the reason a man can’t rise to the occasion is simple. He could be trying too hard to please you. If a man is overly concerned with his performance, it takes away from the actual performance. This can be fixed by simply enjoying the moment.

7. Too much porn – One would imagine that watching pornography improves a man’s performance but it doesn’t. Excessive pornography leads a man to have low self-esteem and body image issues which lead to performance anxiety.

A man who indulges in porn is also likely to have a low quality relationship which can also affect his performance.

8. The condom – For some men, the few seconds that it takes to break away to slip on a condom are enough to distract him from the task at hand. No, the solution for this is not foregoing protection, the solution is keeping his mind in the moment.