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Ladies, eight reasons men leave women they love

The common assumption that a woman makes when a man leaves her is that he doesn’t love her. The truth, however, is that there are many things that could push a man out of the life of a woman he loves. Here is a look into some of them;

1. He is threatened by her success – She could be the woman of his dreams but if a man starts to feel as if his achievements are too small, that is a danger sign. Some men can’t take too much success even from women they love.

2. He feels like she is trying to fix him – You must know one of these women. Women who take men they otherwise wouldn’t date and then try to fix them into the men they want to be with. When this happens, more often than not, the man in question will run. Even if he loves her.

3. Co-dependency – He might wake up one morning and realize that he is either too emotionally dependent on the woman that he loves or she is on him. When he does, he will leave because such a situation is stifling.

4. Emotional overwhelm – A man could leave the women he loves because he feels too much for her. This is likely to happen especially when the man in question is emotionally immature.

5. She is too clingy – When a man feels that he no longer has his own space and that the woman in question is stifling him, he will run. This is true regardless of whether he loves her or not.

6. If she is indifferent – Unlike women who can go on and on for years, the average man can’t handle a one-sided relationship. If he starts feeling as if he is the only one who is giving caring and giving the love, he will run.

7. She changed – A man could fall in love with a particular kind of woman only for her to morph into something else. When that happens, he might not fall out of love with her but you can be sure that he will not stick around.

8. Thoughts of the future – Men are more practical than they are emotional. Sometimes a man will realize that the woman he loves can’t make a good long-term partner. So he will quit to be with a woman he can spend the rest of his life with even if he doesn’t love her as much.