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Ladies, eight reasons why he might break up with you before Valentine’s Day

It is that time of the year again when we take stock of our relationships and go all out to celebrate our love.

Sadly, it is also that time of the year that some women are left heart broken. There are men who opt for a break up in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Here is a look into reasons that might lead your man to break up with you this week.

1. He doesn’t want to give you a gift – Yes. As the Nairobi woman grows to become more successful, so does her expectations of the man in her life. Valentine’s Day might thus come with a lot of pressure for a man.

If yours is one who can’t take the heat or doesn’t want to spend on you, he might break up with you in the next few days.

2. He doesn’t want you to meet his family – Valentine’s Day is all about the show of love. If you have been dating for a while and you are yet to meet his family, you might have that expectation this Valentine’s Day.

If your man doesn’t see you in the picture in the foreseeable future, he might break up with you.

3. He has been thinking about it – Maybe he has been re-evaluating your relationship and where it is headed. He has been thinking about breaking up with you. The prospect of the upcoming day for lovers might just hasten his decision.

4. The revenge break up – Have you seriously wronged your man in the recent past and he hasn’t reacted to it yet? If he is one of those with poor communication skills, he may break up with you on or just before Valentine’s Day to get back at you for hurting him.

5. He might get inspired to get out – With all the happy couples around, Valentine’s Day is a time when most men sit back and take stock of their relationships. He will ask himself questions like what value you are adding to his life, if any. If your relationship has been shaky, he might opt out on D-Day.

6. He wants to party – Seeing as Valentine’s Day is on weekend this year, people might seize this opportunity to throw parties for friends. Your man taking you to such a party means that he is forgoing all others and sticking with you. If he isn’t sure about committing and still wants to keep his options open, then he may break up with you this love season.

7. You are the side chick – Valentine’s Day is a day of reflection. If your man has been seeing more than one of you, this love season might prompt him to make a stand. If you are not his main woman, then he might kick you to the curb.

8. He won’t be alone – Maybe he already checked out of the relationship but he was afraid of being alone. The days and weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day are ideal for a man on the hunt. He can easily get a single woman to go out with him. If he has found someone else, then you will be spending Valentine’s Day alone.