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Ladies, eight resolutions that will help you find true love in 2017

So 2016 was yet another year that had you kissing an endless string of toads. You wanted to find love when it began, but now you are feeling a little jaded.

The good news is that true love is still out there. You just need to change your tactics.

Here is a look into things that you can resolve to do different in 2017 which will lead you right into the arms of true love.

1. Let go of the baggage – So there was that one man that hurt you and now you hate all men in that profession or from that tribe? This could be why you are still single. To open up to love, you need to let go of this hurt. Look at each man you meet with a fresh pair of eyes.

2. Take risks – How about getting out of your comfort zone? Try dating a kind of man that you ordinarily wouldn’t. You just might surprise yourself.

3. Treat yourself kindly – You may not know this but how others treat you is guided by how you treat yourself. Try loving yourself first in the New Year.

4. Try online dating – I know, you are not that kind of person. Still, 2017 is a brand new year so you get leeway to try new things. Prince Charming might be just a click away.

5. Stop the booty calls – If you are to find true love, you need to remove the people who shouldn’t be in the competition. Stop picking the booty calls.

6. Don’t leave it to fate – The truth is that it is not up to Prince Charming to find you, it is up to you to find him. Get out of the house, go to the places where you think Prince Charming might be.

7. Trust your gut feeling – You know how they say your gut can tell if something is right or wrong? The gut isn’t overrated. Try trusting it a little more this year. If a man feels right, give him a chance. If he doesn’t, run.

8. Think like a man – To find the man of your dreams, you might just have to think like him. What kind of woman do you think he would be attracted to? Where do you think he likes to hang out?