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Ladies, eight tell-tale signs that you should friend zone him

Not every romance that gets off the ground should be pursued. Not every relationship you start should end up at the altar. Some men are better off as just friends.

Here is a look into signs that the man you have just began dating is better off as your friend;

1. You don’t see him sexually – To pursue a relationship with a man, you need to be more than just attracted to him. You need to be able to think of him in a sexual way. Don’t try pursuing a relationship with a man who you feel brotherly love for hoping that it will change, it might not.

2. You have a great friendship – Good friends are hard to come by these days. There is always a chance that pursuing a romantic relationship with a friend will ruin that friendship. If you have a strong and steady friendship with a man, you might think about saving that friendship by friend zoning him.

3. You don’t like his personality – Being attracted to a man and liking his personality are two different things. If you are attracted to a man but you do not like his personality, then by all means friend zone him.

4. He is too familiar – Dating a man who is already too familiar with your life and your sexual history will be awkward. If you dated his friend for instance, he may already have heard intimate things about you. This man is better suited for the friend zone.

5. He is indecisive – You shouldn’t have time for that man who just will not make his mind in regard to where the two of you stand. If the man you have just began dating is indecisive, friend zone him.

6. He is into another woman – You have no business pursuing a relationship with a man who is into another woman. No amount of loving or catering to him will change this. Do not believe his promises. If he is into another woman, he belongs in the friend zone.

7. He doesn’t make you feel desirable – The man you get into a romantic relationship with is supposed to make you feel desirable, feel like a woman. If the man you just started seeing doesn’t, friend zone him.

8. He dated your friend – If a man dated a close friend of yours for a considerable period of time, this man may be better off as just a friend. This is because you may not be able to see him past the relationship that he had with your friend.