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Ladies, eight tips to spot a lying man in a relationship

August 20th, 2016 2 min read

A lot of heart breaks could be avoided by simply being able to spot a lying man from very early on in the relationship.

The good news is that it is possible to sniff out a compulsive liar. Here’s how.

1. Humor and sarcasm – These are the weapons of choice for the compulsive liar. Listen to his conversations and his answers. If they are always drenched in either sarcasm or humor, it could be because he is trying to mask lies.

2. Think it through – Sometimes, catching a liar is as easy as thinking through his stories. Think through the things that he has been telling you. Do they add up? If they don’t, chances are that he is holding back.

3. Changing stories – Have you been listening to how he tells stories? Have you noticed that the story he told you is completely different from the one he told his siblings and then the one he told his friends? Yes? Your man could be a compulsive liar.

4. An abnormal love for attention – This is another glaring characteristic of the pathological liar. He will say or do anything to get attention. The only way to know if your man fits this bill is to examine just how much he loves being the center of attention.

5. When you catch them … – How he reacts to being caught in a lie is another giveaway as to whether or not he will lie to you again. If he reacts to getting caught by quickly fabricating another lie, then your man is a pathological liar.

6. Constant victim – Do the stories that he tell paint him as the constant victim? Yes? He could be a pathological liar.

7. Pointless lies – We all tell a little while lie every so often. Some lies though are completely pointless. Listen to your man, does he tell pointless lies, lies that do not help him in any way? Lies that sometimes incriminate him? He could be a pathological liar.

8. Their choice of words – Listen to the words that he chooses when he talks to you, they could be all the red flags that you need. Is he fond of repeating your words back to you when you put him on the spot? Yes? He could be a liar.