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Ladies, eight tips for a successful relationship with a younger man

Say what we may about them, but relationships between older women and younger men are rife in Nairobi today; It looks like they are here to stay.

If you want to swing that way, here is a look into things that an older woman can do to have a thriving relationship with a younger man;

1. You may not be in control – The common assumption of the older woman getting into a relationship with a younger man is that she will be the one in control. If you are going to date a younger man then you need to understand that while you may be older, he is still a man and will want to be in control of things.

2. Don’t try to dress like women his age – The younger man in your life wants to date you because of who you are, because of the woman your age has made you. Resist any attempts to look like or talk like women his age. Be yourself. If he wanted a twenty year old, then he wouldn’t be with you.

3. Learn from him – It is wrong to go into such a relationship thinking that just because he is younger than you, he can’t teach you anything. Keep an open mind and you will be surprised at how much you can learn from him.

4. Let him hang out with people his own age – Before you can grow as a couple, each of you need to grow in you different ways as individuals. This means letting your man spend time with people his own age every so often.

5. Don’t be his mommy – He is not looking for a mother in you, he is looking for a girlfriend. Sure, you may have more experience in life but resist any urges to mother him. He is not a child. He can adequately care for himself.

6. Let him take charge in bed – You may be thinking that just because you are older you have more sexual experience. Chances are that you are wrong. Give him the chance to surprise you.

7. Do not try to change him – If your love interest is considerably younger than you. Chances are that there are stark differences between the two of you. He will be immature, he may see the world in a different way and even his mode of communication may be different. You will have to love him as he is.

8. He may not want to commit – Do not at any one moment of your relationship forget the fact that you and your man are in different places in life. If he is in his early or mid-twenties for instance, marriage will be the last thing on his mind. Understand that this does not mean that he doesn’t love you. Do not pressure him. Let him be.