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Ladies, eight ways to flirt without saying a word

The larger percentage of human communication is non-verbal. This means that you can flirt with that man you have been eyeing without uttering a word.

You can communicate to him your interest without being too obvious about it. Here’s how.

1. Your lips – Your lips are one of the most sensual of your body parts. The easiest way to flirt is to simply smile. If you want to come off as more sensual, try licking or biting your lip. It also helps if your lipstick gives the illusion of fuller lips.

2. Eye – To flirt, you will need to have some eye contact with your love interest. No, I do not mean that you stare at them. Looking at him from underneath your eyelashes usually comes off as very flirtatious for a man. Hold his gaze for at least three seconds.

3. Sit up – Sitting up usually communicates that a woman is confident and that she is approachable. It is an invitation to pursue. Slouching on the other hand communicates that you are disinterested and unapproachable. To be a woman in public is to watch your posture all the time.

4. Touch him every now and then – This is one of the clearest ways of communicating to a man that you do not want to have him in your friend zone. Touching his arm or his shoulder every now and then communicates that you want to be close to him. If he talks to you, lean in.

5. Be girly – No, he doesn’t want to flirt with a manly woman. Before you leave your house in the morning, look in the mirror? Is the woman looking back at you feminine? Wear a warm color, put on a dress, and sit with your legs crossed. A dash of red lipstick will also go a long, long way.

6. Play with your hair – For some odd reason, a lot of men like to play with a woman’s hair. You can get the man that you have an eye on where you want him by simply playing with your hair in his presence. This creates images in his head. You can also flip your braids so that you expose your neck. Seeing a woman’s uncovered neck is very sensual for some men.

7. Remain upbeat – When in the presence of your love interest remain positive and joyful. This is the only way to show him how much fun you are. No man wants to be with a negative, moody woman. Grab your chance to show him that you aren’t any of those things.

8. Mimic his body language – This usually communicates two things – you are paying attention to him and that you are interested. Remain calm and relaxed. Don’t cross your arms and do not fidget.