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Ladies, eight ways to handle a stand up this weekend

Sometimes the men we love are not the men who love us. Other times, plans fall through at the last moment. What is a woman to do when the man she painstakingly planned a date with fails to show up? Here are a few tips;

1. Check the time – Before you declare that you have been stood up, check the time. If it has been just five minutes from the time he’d said he’d show, then you can wait. If it has been 30 minutes, however, and there hasn’t been any communication, chances are that he isn’t coming.

2. Contact him – Before you leave that restaurant of coffee shop in a huff, make the effort of contacting him. Call or text him to just find out what the problem is. He could be somewhere where he needs your help.

3. Find out what happened – Be interested in knowing his reason. You have the liberty to decide whether the reason given is valid or not.

4. Let them make the next move – If there is absolutely no communication from that person, let them make the next move. It is up to him to apologize, to give his reasons and to ask you out on the next date.

5. Don’t stress – It will be comforting to know that you are not the first and neither are you the last woman to be stood up on a date. It happens. Should it happen to you, take comfort in the fact that it has no bearing on who you are.

6. Don’t get angry either – This is because should you give in to anger, it is only you that is likely to lose. Resist that urge to smash your phone against the wall or to call up your ex to fill up on this date. Just calm down and let it go.

7. Look at the silver lining – If the reason that your love interest gives you is not satisfactory, be grateful that you dodged a bullet. It is better to be stood up on a date than to get attached to a man who doesn’t show up for you.

8. Be graceful about it – He stood you up for whatever reasons. Whether his reasons are valid or not, should a third party ask about it, learn to deal with it gracefully. There is no need to delve into the gory details. You could just tell whoever is asking that you and the man in question were a bad match for you.