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Ladies, eight ways to rejuvenate your honey pot this Easter

Just like the rest of your body, your vagina will wear and tear with time. You can stay ahead of this by developing habits that help keep it rejuvenated, healthy and young.

Here’s a look into eight ways to rejuvenate and keep your vagina young.

1. Stay sexually active – The vaginal wall is a muscle that needs to be exercised just like any other muscles in your body. Staying sexually active helps you achieve this because it ensures a constant flow of blood to that region. Continued abstinence on the other hand will have the opposite effect.

2. Maintain your hormonal levels – A good balance of your female hormones will keep your vagina rejuvenated. Normal estrogen levels in the body not only keep the vagina well lubricated, it prevents the vaginal walls from stretching and thinning.

Estrogen levels go lower as a woman ages. A medical health practitioner can help you maintain them.

3. Kegels – Any wise woman will make kegel exercises part of her daily existence. Kegels usually work by strengthening our vaginal wall muscles. They are also easy to do.

Just hold your pelvic muscles like you would were you holding urine. Hold for at least 10 seconds then repeat.

Squats, a popular exercise with Nairobi women, also has a similar effect on your pelvic floor muscles.

4. Try herbal steaming – Herbal steaming, a technique that is becoming popular with the Kenyan women, helps detoxify the vagina and keep it youthful. There are a number of spas in Nairobi which offer this service.

5. Stock up on drinking water – Just like drinking water keeps the skin smooth and supple, drinking water will rejuvenate your vaginal skin. In addition, it will keep you well lubricated. Drink up this weekend.

6. The big O – Getting an orgasm is another way you can keep your vagina rejuvenated. You can achieve this with your partner or by yourself if you are one of those women who understand their bodies. When you have an orgasm, the pelvic muscles contract and the vaginal walls strengthen.

7. Maintain a healthy weight – Being a yo-yo dieter can wreak havoc to your lady parts. When you lose or add weight, your vaginal walls stretch. A repeat of this over a long period time will lead them to lose their elasticity.

8. Wax it – Just like the way age affects the appearance of the hair on your head, it will affect your appearance down there as well. Try waxing or shaving off your pubic hair. Not only will it look better, shaving it all off will give you increased sensations during sex.