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Ladies, here are eight of his secret bedroom fears

You know how men always seem so self-assured, like they have it all figured out? It is easy for a woman to imagine that a man doesn’t have any fears in the bedroom.

The truth is that these fears are there. It is only that he hides them. Here is a look into eight of his deepest ones;

1. The size – Size does matter, even to the man in a relationship. What he is constantly worried about but will not tell you is getting naked. He worries about what you will think of him when he does.

2. Birth control – Birth control is an important part of any physical relationship these days. It is however still an uncomfortable topic and the man is always worried about being the one to bring it up.

3. Fear of intimacy – Do not believe that lie that women are fed that sexual intimacy for a man is only physical. It is also emotional just like it is for women. A lot of men have a deep fear of this emotional connection that sexual intimacy brings.

4. Inability to satisfy – Every man thinks it in the bedroom – what if I can’t satisfy her? Unfortunately, when a man worries about his performance too much, then it affects his actual performance.

5. Impotence – Yes, he thinks about it. What if he can’t sire children? This is a constant fear that the average man has at the back of his mind. Even if he isn’t planning on having any more children, there is security in knowing that he can should he want to.

6. STI’s – If it is a new relationship or one where there is no commitment, then a man will have the fear of sexually transmitted illnesses at the back of his mind. Just like his fear of satisfying you, a fear of STI’s will also impede on a man’s ability to perform.

7. Bad breath – Most men worry about their breath. He wonders whether you feel repulsed when he kisses you. This fear is tied with that one of his ability to please you. Every man wants to be the best he can be for his woman, especially in the bedroom.

8. Appearing inexperienced – A lot of men worry about their partner’s perception of them in the bedroom. Do I appear too inexperienced? He will wonder.