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Ladies, here are eight ways to identify a husband material in Nairobi

The Nairobi woman is always complaining of how there are not any good men left. The truth is that good men are out there, you are probably not looking well enough. Or maybe you don’t know what it is that you should be looking for.

Here’s a look into 8 ways to identify Mr. Right;

1. He is emotionally available – Just because a man is single doesn’t mean that he is available. If a man is single but emotionally dodgy and unable to commit, he is not marriage material.

2. He has a work-life balance – True, there is something very comforting about a man who works hard and long. If a man can’t however balance his work life with his private one, he can’t make a good husband.

3. He is financially secure – I know that not many will say it loud for fear of appearing like gold diggers but every woman wants a man she can feel financially secure with.

4. He respects you – It is not enough that a man loves you. To get a happy future with him, you should also seek out a man who respects you. A man who doesn’t respect you will make a husband who walks all over you.

5. He is honest – Honesty is an invaluable trait in a husband. If you are going to share your life with a man and also trust him with your life, it is vital that he is honest. It doesn’t matter how much he loves you, a man who isn’t honest is not husband material.

6. He is comfortable around your family – A man who is uncomfortable around your family or a man who your family isn’t at ease with can never be husband material. Because he is your choice, then it is up to you to work at making sure that both parties are comfortable.

7. He is there for you – There is a big difference between a man who is only there when it is convenient for him and one who is there when you need him whether or not it is convenient for him. The latter is husband material while the former is someone you have no business discussing marriage with.

8. Common beliefs and values – It is not enough that a man makes you laugh. If a man doesn’t share your beliefs and values, then he isn’t husband material. Not for you anyway.