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Ladies, here is how to be the best he’s ever had

Are you in one of those relationships that just do not feel as if they are moving forward? One of those relationship where, when asked, you can’t quite give a straight answer about your relationship status?

Here is a look into eight relationship changers. Eight things that will not only move your relationship along, but also make you the best girlfriend he has ever had;

1. Give him his space – Every man needs to retreat into his man cave every so often. Give your man this space when he needs it. He will love you more for it.

2. Have a life – This is also another way for you to earn your man’s respect. While a man may feel flattered by the fact that you want to spend every waking moment with him, a man also wants a woman who also has a life of her own outside the relationship.

3. Say what you mean – More often than not, your man will have been with one of those women who like to play games. Try and be different. Say exactly what you mean. Whether you are happy or unhappy with him, say it.

4. Surprise him – It is not only women who love surprises, men do too. Try surprising your man every so often. The good news is that these surprises need not be expensive. Leave him loving notes for him to find every so often.

5. Build him up – Now, the Nairobi woman has mastered the art of bringing down a man. There is a lot of satisfaction in it. The truth however is that the more you bring him down, the less he will endeared to you. A woman who wants to move a relationship along builds up her man. She compliments him and then helps him work towards the goals that he has set for himself.

6. Ask for help – Asking a man for help is in itself a compliment to him. Try it. Make him see that you look up to him, that you value his opinion, that there are things that only he can do for you.

7. Appreciate him – Other than food and sex, the thing that every man craves most is appreciation. Do not assume that he knows it, show him. If you do, he will love you in return.

8. Be his friend – It should be more than romance and sparks with him. It should also be warm and comfortable. Make him feel like he can tell you anything.