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Ladies, here is what your drink order says about you

Heads up ladies! Every time you walk into a bar and order a drink, you are sending out messages about your personality.

An order is much more than just a preference, it is a personality test. Your drink order may be speaking louder than your words.

Here are things you may be saying with your order:

1. Vodka- A woman who orders a vodka is unfussy. She is also sure of herself and isn’t too keen on making impressions on others, especially false ones. She is her own woman. Probably one of the easiest to get along with and to date.

2. Wine – The lady who drinks wine isn’t really a drinker. She is however very seductive. If she does the swirl and sniff wine routine, she comes off as very alluring. She is also feminine, classy, mature and sophisticated.

3. Beer – If she ordered a beer, she has been drinking for a while. She is cheerful, fun and carefree. She is the type of woman whose company men enjoy. She is not choosy. She is also likely to be sporty and to know a thing or two about football. The kind of woman who actually enjoys going to the sports bar with her man.

4. Cocktails – This woman may be a little pretentious. She likes attention and she definitely isn’t the life of the party. Her idea of fun is walking through the dance floor.

5. Cream liquors – This is the woman who probably thinks that she is better than most people at the bar. She might be judgmental but she is also feminine. Just like the drinks are sweet but pricey, this woman is also likely to be sweet but pricey.

6. Shots- A woman who does shots is almost always in the company of others with whom she will spend the night giggling and hugging. She is low maintenance. She is a social butterfly. She could also be one of those people who can’t stand being alone. She is also reckless. She often drinks more than she should. A man looking for a serious commitment is wary of her.

7. Scotch – If a woman is sipping scotch at a bar, drinking is clearly not new to her. She isn’t new to the bar scene. She is well past downing her drinks and is now content just sipping them. This woman has a refined taste and she can hold her alcohol.

8. Energy drink – This woman is either still in college and is still experimenting with alcohol. In short, you do not know what you are doing. If she is older, she is still frantically trying to hold onto her youth. She also lacks imagination and will not step out of her comfort zone. She hates trying new things. If you date her, she will not move to your town to be with you. This isn’t a woman an onlooker would take with a big responsibility.