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Ladies, here is why you should say no to tight clothes

A few months ago, one of my girlfriends bought a pair of jeans that I thought to be trendy and slinky. However, each time she wore the jeans, she had to leave it unzipped or risk nursing a stomachache later.

On such days, she would immediately change into loose fitting clothes after getting home.

As women, we are often made to believe that the tighter, the sexier. Therefore, we force the tight jeans up our thighs (I hear others call for help) and the dresses that we have probably outgrown down the waist.

In 2015, according to NPR Australia, a woman was taken to hospital, her legs swollen after helping a relative move houses while wearing a pair of skinny jeans. Neurologists attending her concluded that there was nerve damage caused by pressure, resulting from the close-fitting pants.

Tight clothes of any form — jeans, tops or undergarments — can pose many beauty and health risks.

Darkening of inner thighs
If you are fond of wearing body cons, you can attest to the fact that they interfere with your walking due to friction and chafing, which results to rough and dark inner thighs. When wearing a body hugging dress, ensure that you also have on bike shorts.

Abdominal pain
Most tight dresses or pants stick to our stomachs, putting intense pressure on the abdomen. This can cause a lot of pain or acid reflux, resulting to severe burning sensation. Notably, tight belts can also bring this about.

Development of cellulite
Cellulite, one of women’s greatest nightmares, could be fostered by that one mistake of wearing tight outfits on a regular basis. One of the catalyst of cellulite is low circulation and limited blood flow around the abdomen.

See those tight tops and brassieres in your closet? They could be the culprits behind the burning sensation you are experiencing in your chest. Wearing tight clothes causes a flow of acids upwards because of pressure on the abdomen.

Fungal infections
A few weeks ago before I even thought of writing this, one of the girls in my clique called in sick. She could not accompany us to an event that we were going because to since she had a fungal infection in her genital parts. Among the advice she received from her doctor is to get rid of tight undergarments. The warmth, brought about by this taut underwear can be a perfect breeding zone for bacteria.