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Ladies, here’s what your underwear choice says about your personality

We may see them as just underclothes that cover our privates or clothes that help your outer wear lie more comfortably. Turns out that your choice of underwear speaks volumes about your personality; it may say more than your words do. Here are a few things you may be communicating with your choice of underwear;

1. The thong – The kind of woman who regularly and comfortably wears a thong is the alpha woman. A strong headed woman with a strong personality. The kind of woman who is dominant and likes to lead rather than follow.

2. The granny panties ­– The woman who dons these may not be the most popular of the pack seeing as she isn’t that fashion conscious. She has a very admirable personality seeing as she cares little about what others think of her but gives priority to her own comfort. This woman will not give in to peer pressure. She is also honest and genuine. What you see with her is what you get.

3. The high waist – The woman who is comfortable with the high waist panties is an old soul. She constantly feels as if she was born in the wrong decade and her taste in music is probably classic. She is mature, the kind of woman that the others come to with their problems. She is fascinated by the past – something that might make her appear very mysterious and alluring. She might be a little intimidating.

4. Lace – A woman who goes for lace is the ultra-feminine woman. She is also a glamorous woman. Not the kind that follows all upcoming fashion trends but the kind that has her own style. Even in other areas of her life, she blazes her own trail.

5. Boy shorts – The woman who prefers boy shorts is obviously not too feminine. She is very confident in her own skin. She is also likely to be strong minded and stubborn. One thing that she isn’t is flirtatious. You never have to worry about leaving this one with your man.

6. Classic panties – The woman that wears the basic cotton standard cut panties is one who plays by the rules. The kind of woman who doesn’t like pushing her luck or the limits. She is relaxed and easy going. A great example of the girl next door. She is also clean and organized and would make a great employee or military woman.

7. The one who goes commando – This is an easy going woman, perhaps too easy going. She doesn’t care much about other’s opinion but she also is probably lazy. Her going without underwear may be a subconscious attempt to ease the laundry load.

8. The g-string – This is the woman who isn’t afraid to flaunt her femininity to get ahead in life. She is bold and opinionated. If you are the kind that is open minded this woman will make for great company.