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Ladies, places you will not meet Mr Right this Easter

Nairobi is a pool of endless love and dating possibilities. If you are however not thoughtful about the process, you could end up having a string of heart breaks. Here are the worst places to meet Mr. Right in Nairobi;

1. Obituary pages – Yes, you read that right. Nairobi women are very innovative. There have been cases of women prowling the obituary pages to see which young man just lost his wife. While such a man is an easy target, he may not make for a good husband as he may be grieving for his wife for months or even years to come.

2. The bar – The bar scene is an unlikely place to meet Mr Right because men who frequent bars in Nairobi are after two things. He may be there to have a good time with his friends and will thus not notice you. If he is looking, he is more likely than not to be looking for a casual encounter, not a relationship.

3. Weddings – While there usually are many handsome single men at weddings, it is not the ideal place to find love. This is because during a wedding, a woman is in a weakened state. She has seen another woman walk down the aisle and she is wishing it was her. In this state of mind, she is likely to accept a date invitation from the first person that walks up to her.

4. Singles events – Nairobi hosts at least two of these events each year where singles come together with the hope of meeting the one. The reason you will not find Mr Right at a singles event is that there is a great deal of pressure to connect. This means you may end up settling for a wrong person.

5. In your apartment block – Dating your cute neighbor is a bad idea. This is because not all relationships that start end at the altar. If things and your neighbor go south, you will still have to see him everyday.

6. Work – An office romance makes a lot of sense. After all, you are in the same career field with this person and you get to spend time with them everyday. The down side of trying to meet Mr Right at the office is that should this relationship fail to take off, you have to see them everyday. Also, dating a colleague might affect your work performance.

7. Online – if you are seeking true love, stick to the old traditional way which was face to face. There are at least a dozen active dating sites that are accessible to Nairobians. The sad truth however is that the greater majority of men on these sites are only looking to have a good time.

8. The gym – The gym is one place in Nairobi where you will meet men who religiously show up. It however may not be the best place to find love because a lot of men here are committed to their goals. A lot of them do not want to be disturbed.