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BLOG: Ladies, quit playing ‘hard to get’, men no longer find it sexy

By JO April 7th, 2018 2 min read

Females and males, two beings that are running the world. Both think they deserve and need to be treated better. It is a beautiful thing to feel that you are deserving, walking around the world looking at people like “Naaah, I can do better.”

Well, woe unto you Mr/Ms hard to get, I’m about to educate you. Hate me if you like, but your life will put me on speed dial. Today I dish it out to the women.

Dear ladies, you know how you play hard to get, trying to put a challenge to the man just to get him on his toes. You walk around feeling like a queen wondering why you don’t have a king.

While convincing yourself you cannot settle for less because you have worked your ass off and now they need to earn you!

Honey, cut the crap, you are not a pay cheque and I will tell you why your act of hard to get is costing you not only a king but also a boy (funny but true).


A recent research revealed that men no longer find it sexy or attractive for women who extremely play very hard to get. Apparently, men feel like they are being led into a trap when a woman they want, somehow tries to show them how much he needs to prove himself.

Question is, to what end? Men feel like such women are a waste of time, for when they need to marry they will hint. Women who play the ‘hard to get’ games are apparently clingy, awfully controlling and imagine that since the man worked hard to get her, he needs to work equally hard to keep her!

No man likes that. Men know their place in society, a little reminder here and there does not hurt, but too much of it is a huge turn off.

Do not get this point wrong! Not playing hard to get, however, does not mean going ratchet and playing the thirsty magnet on the streets.

The very same men actually find ratchet women highly unattractive. They do not mind using them. But oh! They hate the idea of keeping them.


Men, however, prefer women who know who and what they want. By this I mean, they want to be approached, surprised, teased and not in a “I’m teasing you, just coz I want you to marry me” way.

It should be in a playful way that makes everything fun and needs no control. Men know their chase, the little eye contacts communicate more than you think ladies. So tigresses work the eye game!

Take a breather if you are a lady who feels she deserves better, you will attract the vibe. You don’t have to sweat it checking out every man out there. The one for you does not require a check list.

For the ratchet ones, it is too late, get a life and a package of manners! To women who desire to be queens, lead the way and let him follow. Even men love the idea of playing follower once in a while.

For everyone, find a type and lay the ball that favours each of you. That way the playing becomes fun – if you know what I mean!