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Ladies, the real reasons why you are still single

While being single is a valid life choice, the average Nairobi woman does want to be part of a long term relationship.

If you are still single, chances are that the reasons you give yourself are false. Here is a look into possible reasons why you are still single, reasons which have never crossed your mind;

1. You are going after the wrong man – The secret of life is when you find the right thing and go after it with all you have, then the universe will conspire to give it to you. If the thing you are after is wrong for you however, all this will be an exercise in futility.

2. You don’t actually want a relationship – You may not be aware of it but deep down, you may not want the commitment that comes with being in a committed relationship. Maybe you are still single because you are commitment phobic.

3. You are dripping with desperation – The thing about desperation is that it has an effect that is the opposite of what you are looking for. When the opposite sex senses your desperation, they will steer clear of you like a plague.

4. You are not a catch – This is what I mean, every woman out there seeking a man has a list of qualities she is looking for. Do you, however, stop to think about what it is that you are bringing to the table? Ask yourself, why should men be tripping over themselves to be with you?

5. You don’t put yourself out there– If you are one of those women whose idea of fun is sitting at home the entire weekend with a television series, you should stop wondering why you are still single. To bag a man, you actually need to go out and play the dating game.

6. Your girlfriends are distracting you – Now, having great girlfriends can be a wonderful thing. It can however also distract you from pursuing romantic relationships. Remember that your girlfriends can’t play the role of a romantic partner in your life.

7. You love yourself too much – If you love yourself too much, if you are self-absorbed, then it sure oozes off you. The other party needs to know that there is space in your heart for someone else other than yourself for them to commit to you.

8. You give in too easily – As much as the Nairobi man doesn’t like playing games, no one wants to be with a woman who is easy to get. A woman he knows that the guy next door can have easily.