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Ladies, here is how to reawaken romance from your man this weekend

By MWENDE KASUJJA September 2nd, 2017 1 min read

As the weekend kicks off, couples ought to enjoy some romantic moments to drain away the week’s activities.

Kenyan ladies have often termed the male species as unromantic but here are some tips that could reawaken romance from your man.

1. Praise him – The week may not have been kind to your man and so words of praise can miraculously make him want to spoil you, just to prove that he is worthy of your kind words.

2. Satisfy him – With all the time the weekend offers, make that meal that your man loves and requires a long preparation time. Food and sex works magic to ensuring your man reciprocates with some love.

3. Quit the money talk – Postpone all your new month budget discussions and instead reassure your man that he is in charge of the households’ finances. Tell him how you know he will be able to independently budget and manage the finances and you will be surprised how your romantic gift will miraculously fit into the budget just because you never took part in the money talk.

4. Compliment him – Take time this weekend to list all the good qualities your man has. Do not hesitate to list down even the ones you feel are insignificant. Go ahead and start dropping compliments using each of the qualities you singled out. This will fuel his ego and certainly make him want to show his masculinity by being romantic.

5. Communicate – Tell your man exactly how you like things done. If you are thinking of a wine and music kind of a weekend make sure you tell him and you will be surprised how quickly he may offer to make it happen. Sometimes it is just the ideas that men lack.