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BLOG: Yes, we ladies are sluts of free drinks

Before we throw stones at this glass house, let’s face it; apart from that time guys turn 18 and they are taking their broke ass to clubbing for the first time just for the hype, the rest of them whether they admit openly or not they go to the clubs to get girls.

What I haven’t understood is why they get so much confidence to approach them after the backing from their five Tuborgs or just after a few Yaga shots.

I know you will ask me then why do ladies go to clubs? Mmmhh!!! They mainly go to see if anyone would notice them behind the layers of greasy make up and in turn satisfying their sense of insecurity

If that fails they huddle up in groups and take pictures to fill up their Facebook photo-album and take WhatsApp videos in another plea for attention.

In short, they give you something to look up and in return you give them something to drink up.

The elephant in the room is not ‘men complaining because ladies expect them to pay bills as if they are their dads, the problem is ‘men’ expecting a little bit more from the greasy make-up, dress-up and classy look to getting down with them and when they don’t succeed they get worked up and take social media into turmoil’s complaining about ladies milking them and acting like donkeys on heat.


I spent much time last week reading and scrutinizing the story of the ladies who were mortified after trying to get free drinks from a man who had an agenda to not let them prosper but to humiliate them by leaving them high and dry with massive bills and to say the least I’m a disappointed soul.

But that does not stop me from being vastly against the price tag most people have given them like say ‘gold diggers’, ‘opportunists’, ‘sluts’, and many more

Yes, ladies love free drinks, I actually think that’s my favorite drink (pun intended) and one thing I know for sure is that we are gifted. Yes, we are, the fact that we can afford to walk into a club dead broke and still get as bombed as a viper…mmmhhh!! That actually gave me a smile as I remembered what went down last weekend. But what I was up to is a story for another day.

Let’s face it, this has been happening and it will still happen and to those still complaining I advise you to either stay with your wives at home or go to church and avoid their worst weakness ‘ladies’ because moving forward there is a ‘chama’ group formed and being caught in the bill drama will be a vocabulary.

With this I still refuse to blame that lady who takes tinniest advantage available to her, and I still say the price of 5 Yaga bomb shots should not be sex. Ladies, no matter what, never be caught dead in such a situation.