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Ladies, tips to get out of the friend zone this weekend

So the man of your dreams, the man who you spend every waking moment dreaming about friend zoned you. You want to date him but he tells you that he loves you like a sister. What then?

A woman has two options. You can either sit around and cry about your troubles or you can take matters into your hands and get him interested in you romantically. Here’s how to achieve the latter;

1. Admit it – The first step to getting out of the friend zone is admitting it. Admit that the man you are interested in doesn’t see you romantically. Only then can you begin to do something about it. Burying your head in the sand will only keep you in this situation.

2. Make a confession – A lot of women in the friend zone will be scared of admitting their feelings because they are scared of how the man they are into will react. If you are scared, ask yourself, what is the worst thing that could happen? The man will tell you that he doesn’t share your feelings and you will move on with your life. See? Easy.

3. Make him feel that you are wanted – Often times, something becomes attractive when we see someone else with it. It is the same with relationships. When you start dating other men, men who treat you really well, then your dream man might just realize just how much he is missing.

4. Become relaxed when around him – I know, this one is not easy to do. When you are around a man you like, it is easy to become nervous. What this communicates to the said man is that he has power over you. We don’t want that. Try at relaxing, if you can’t, fake it till you make it.

5. Stop being his best friend – Some women imagine that the closest way to a man’s heart is by forging a friendship with him. They are wrong. Doing this will just keep you in the friend zone.

6. Make them miss you – If you are always having friendly lunches and coffees with this man, then he will always see you as a friend. It may be hard to do but create some distance between you and him. When he doesn’t see you for a while, maybe he will think differently of you.

7. Get a new look – Sometimes all you need to get the man you want to look at you how you want is to get a new look. A new look might get him to see you differently.

8. Improve yourself – The best way to get any man is to become a better version of yourself.