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Ladies, tips to move your relationship to the next level this weekend

So you have been casually dating this man for a few weeks or months. You more than like him. You can see a future with him but he seems content with the casual arrangement that you have now.

What to do? Here are a few tips to move things along:

1. Make day plans – Are you one of those couples who only meet at night? You need to change this if you are to move the relationship along. Start making plans for lunch or coffee during the day. Get him to start seeing you as more than just someone he sees in the night.

2. Standing weekend plans – This is one of the ways to move your relationship from a casual arrangement to a serious, progressive thing. Make plans to do something together every weekend. This will make you a constant in his life.

3. Reveal something personal about yourself – If you are one of those people who keep all their secrets and the personal things that happened to them from their love interest, maybe it is time you started to share. When you share something intimate about yourself, your love interest may also be inclined to share. This moment will also definitely bring the two of you closer together.

4. Meet the family – This one can’t be forced. You can suggest it though. Or go first and invite your love interest to meet your family. This doesn’t have to be the traditional going home to meet the parents. You can invite him for a lunch out with some of your family members.

5. Go exclusive – The going exclusive is a conversation that a woman looking to move things along should have with her man. Making the relationship exclusive is a big step forward. He however needs to want it as much as you do.

6. Travel together – Travelling together is a great way for a couple to bond. Plan a trip together in the near future and see just how much better your relationship will get.

7. Exchange house keys – While moving in together maybe a drastic step, exchanging house keys is just right. Having his house keys and knowing that you can drop in any time you like will give you that sense of belonging.

8. Save money together – This may seem like a big step but it is a good way of moving the relationship ahead. Try it.