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THREE MEN: Dear ladies, who are you lusting after? ‘Watermelons’ are all over!

By LYDIA MISATI February 4th, 2018 2 min read

The ‘swearing in’ is over, gather around folks. I have a more interesting story that I picked from the whole episode. This will interest some, annoy others and excite some. I will name this story “Lessons from man!”

Ladies, I advise you get a notebook this will be sauce that will either change your life or spice it up.

On the fateful day of 30th January, five men of different calibers and different strengths in power had a field to display their stand on Kenyan political life. Don’t get me wrong, politics does not excite me, but men do.

Among the five men one is in power – therefore controls almost everything – the second to me is actually a hero, keeps his words and acts on it, even in 6 minutes.

Although, today I’m more interested in the other three, I will name them Wafula, Makokha and Mutisya. These men displayed a real character of our Kenyan men, the type that always say “just chill honey, niko kwa traffic but I’m on my way” but still fail to show up.


To be honest I do not blame the three men, they’re just but a specimen from the others, ladies aren’t I right?

There’s always a ‘watermelon’ in a lady’s life, that one who is always vouching to meeting you outside your window after risking the jump and doesn’t show up, the other who is there reminding you how he will be there for you in case he gets you pregnant. Where art he though?

And the other one who is always with you everywhere you go but you are always paying the bills. I know this sounds familiar.

So to our dear men that we keep lusting after before you point fingers to kina Wafula, did you pay the dinner bill last week, where was your wallet art though?

Did your broke self-show up or you ‘watermeloned’ just because it rained and that’s your only official shirt and finally where you baby mama art and why is your ass still single yet you got a son named Junior Makokha…

If the shoe fits I’m glad and my dear women, look around you, these watermelons are everywhere even in the market.