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Why Lady Jay Dee has finally divorced her celebrity husband

Tanzanian songstress Lady Jay Dee has formerly divorced her celebrity husband after two years of separation.

Jay Dee known for her Yahaya hit was in a Dar es Salaam court where her divorce to radio presenter Gardner Habash was finalised.

The singer had filed for divorce accusing her husband of physically and mentally abusing her.

During a past interview on Clouds FM, the singer opened up about her failed marriage after months of speculation.

“I am the one who decided to leave the marriage and I can now confirm that we are not together with Gardner anymore,” she said.


According to a Tanzanian newspaper Global Publishers, the two were present in court when their divorce was finalised.

A source quoted by the publication said that the two had officially been granted “hati ya talaka.”

A family member of the singer who was reportedly unreachable for comment confirmed the ruling saying, “Ni kweli tulikuwa mahakamani. Jide ameshapewa talaka yake na kila kitu kimeenda vizuri. Gardner naye kapewa hati yake ya talaka hivyo kuanzia sasa kila mmoja yupo huru kufanya yake.”

Jay Dee and Gardner had an elegant wedding back in 2005 during which the singer donned a revealing sheer gown.

In 2014 the two were reported to have separated and after months of speculations they both confirmed the news on different media interviews.

Since then they have been in a long court tussle that was finally concluded recently.