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Lady Jaydee turns 41, denies getting back with her ex-hubby

As she celebrates turning 41 years old, Bongo flava legendary musician Lady Jaydee has cleared the air over reports that she is back together with her ex-husband popular radio presenter Gardner Habash.

Lady Jaydee has even revealed that she has a new boyfriend, which explains why she had been travelling so much to Switzerland before the coronavirus pandemic grounded travel.


However, unlike in her previous relationship with Nigerian ex-lover Spicy, Lady Jaydee says she won’t be engaging public display of affection with her new catch.

“Uswizi yupo mpenzi wangu kule lakini kwa sasa nimeshindwa kwenda sababu ya Corona. Nimejifunza na sitaki tena kuweka mahusiano yangu wazi maana mara nyingine watu wanataka umaarufu tu,” she said.

Lady Jaydee introduced Spicy to the world in December 2016 just months after finalizing her divorce from Gardner, by posting several intimate picture of themselves on social media.

She would later reveal that they met in South Africa, exchanged contacts and started keeping tabs before they eventually started going out.

However, after about a year of dating, reports emerged that the two were no longer together. But Lady Jaydee was quick to deny the rumours, claims that they hadn’t been together for some time due to work related issues. However, with the latest revelations appear to confirm that wasn’t the case.


A few months later, Jaydee started being spotted together with Gardner. Jaydee and Gardner were together for 15 years, including 11 years as a married couple.

Lady Jaydee married Gardner in 2005 having dated for four years. Their marriage collapsed 11 years later and divorce was finalized in 2016.

A video of her together with Gardener and Harmonize in studio few months ago is what caused further ripples online with many concluding that the reports were actually true that they two had gotten back together.

But while responding to blogger Sam Misago back then, Lay Jaydee said she and Gardner were just good friends and nothing much.

“Hivi watu mkiwa mumeachana mnatakiwa mpigane mikuki, muwe maadui. Tunaongea na kazi ikitokea tunafanya,” she said.

Jaydee is currently gearing towards releasing her 8th studio album to celebrate two decades in the music industry.