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‘Lamba Lolo’ hit song pulled down from YouTube

By CHAD KITUNDU November 29th, 2018 1 min read

The controversial hit ‘Lamba Lolo’ has mysteriously disappeared from video-sharing website YouTube.

The explicit video produced by a group of youngsters Ethic Entertainment had crossed the 1 million views mark in July this year.

In August the crew had a bitter fallout with and their management with the latter terming the crew as difficult to manage.

In Twitter thread, Mwakitele Kitawi, expressed his disappointment in working with the music group who gained fame after their trendy song.


The YouTube channel carrying the singers’ several songs including their latest hit, New Position, has also been pulled down.

The phrase ‘Lamba Lolo’ was popularized by Hessy Wa Kayole, a shadowy undercover crime buster who often profiles and give dire warning to wanted criminals on social media.

When he used it, it simply meant “You will die”. However, it was corrupted into a slang for fellatio.


The phrase is so popular that Nigerian singer Mr Eazi used it in his latest mix tape Lagos to London in the song Keys to the City.

The deletion of the song comes barely two months after Gospel singer Size 8 rebuked the secular song.

Size 8, while in the company of women leaders, termed Lamba Lolo as immoral, observing that its content promotes irresponsible sexual behavior among teens.