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GABON DIARY: Lamouinye pub, where waiters are allowed to dance and serve drinks

Welcome to club Lamouinye in Libreville, where waiters are allowed to dance and entertain clients in every way possible.

For starters, entry is restricted at this entertainment joint, located around the Senguette surburb. There is no entry fee, though, but good grooming and a mature mien seem to be the main considerations.

An English speaking reveller, as was with yours truly, is quickly ushered in by the heavily built bouncers, perhaps on assumption that he is a foreigner, and thus, probably very loaded.

Once inside, you notice that access isn’t a given to every corner of the joint.

To sit at one of the tables for example, you have to purchase a bottle of costly wine or whisky which has already been romantically displayed on the table.

Otherwise, you would have to contend with making yourself comfortable in some of the loose end high stools available at the counter.


And then the party begins!

The club has dozens of skinny and skimpily dressed waiters who may have as well competed in a beauty contest interview to get the job. They are all dressed in red and – surprisingly – fluent in English, French and Spanish.

The place also seems to be popular with women past the age of 40, who seem loaded and preying on younger men – with yours truly emerging as a target at some point; an offer I politely declined.

Beer here is also costly compared to its environs, with a bottle of Regab – the most common brand – retailing at 3000CFA (about Sh500).

Once you purchase the wine or whisky and beers, the waiters gets more hospitable. You’ll be offered a dance session, romance a lap dance, if you fancy one.

And the party goes on…