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Landlord in court for pouring sewage into tenant’s house in ugly rent row

By Joseph Ndunda November 3rd, 2020 1 min read

A landlord, who allegedly drilled his tenant’s roof and spilled filth into the house, denied a charge of committing a breach of peace contrary to the Penal Code.

Evans Momanyi was accused of pouring sewage into Caroline Nyakerario’s house after drilling the ceiling of House 11 at Raila village in Langata sub county, Nairobi on October 11.

Momanyi had a rent dispute with Myakerario before he opened the roof and poured the sewage wetting her bedding and other household items.

A village elder intervened and calmed down the situation, but the two could still not agree and the elder advised both to seek help from the authorities.

Momanyi was arrested and charged over the offence, which he denied before senior principal magistrate Sharon Maroro of Kibera law courts.

He was released on a cash bail of Sh10,000 and the case will be mentioned on November 16.