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Landlords and tenants association demands rent waiver

Landlords and Tenants Association now wants President Uhuru Kenyatta to include rent compensation in the Covid-19 Bill 2020.

The association is seeking a three-months rent waiver for all tenants. Meanwhile, the matatu drivers and conductors association is seeking a reduction of fuel prices by 50 percent.

The Landlords and Tenants association wants the president to write off the three months’ rent in a credible mediation process, which should happen without threats, notices, and locking houses, disconnection of water and electricity and eviction by auctioneers.

In a joint press statement with matatu drivers and conductors association, Bodaboda Association of Kenya and hawkers association, the associations also demanded a reduction of fuel and essential commodity prices.

The matatu men want the counties to suspend collection of parking fees for six-12 months.

They want Mr Kenyatta to order all financial institutions to extend a moratorium of up to a year to all matatu owners servicing their loans.

Hawkers want the president to provide them with basic things like food and water at homes to support quarantine effectively.

Boda boda Association of Kenya secretary general Kenneth Onyango said the National committee on Covid-19 led by Health CS Mutahi Kangwe should give them an audience.

“Maybe our sector is playing a major role in spreading the coronavirus or is helping in containing its spread because we are not aware. When you go home after work, your children will embrace and you and you spread it,” Onyango said.

He lamented that Kagwe is issuing unclear directives which are affecting the motorcyclists.

Onyango said riders are being arrested and beaten by police for not wearing masks and providing any for their passengers yet they have not been provided with any.

“These masks are very expensive. Are you telling us that you are giving the masks which are already in circulation or it is a proposal you are giving? You should be very clear because when you say they have been given then someone says we are rude [for not using them] yet we care it hurts so much,” he said.

“We are doing all we can. If you go to our stages we have water for washing hands for our customers and others on the bikes.”

Onyango said the association has directed riders to stop using helmets because when they are passed from one passenger to the next they can spread the virus but police are arresting them for not having helmets.

Matatu drivers and conductors association wants sensitisation of their members on social distancing.